Mountain to Sea Cycleway

Mountain to Sea Cycleway (2-3 Days)

One of the newly designated National Cycleways, the ‘Mountain to Sea’ Cycleway is a quintessential view of heartland New Zealand. And if any area boasts of being a ‘gateway to adventure’ then this is it!

Officially beginning at the top of the Ohakune Mountain Rd, the Mountain to Sea experience kicks off with 17kms of fantastic downhill riding into the Ohakune ski village before turning right onto Old Station Rd and then right again into Marshalls Rd. From the carpark at the end of Marshalls Rd commence the recently completed Old Coach Rd single track through native bush and over railway viaducts to Clydes Access at Horopito.

At this stage the section from Horopito to National Park is along the highway (approx 30kms) with alternatives yet to be finalised.

Mountain to Sea CyclewayFrom National Park take the Fishers Track and as the descriptions suggests turn left at the ‘monument’ and follow the mostly metalled Oio Rd for 26kms to Whakahoro at the confluence of the Retaruke and Whanganui Rivers.

Featuring an excellent cafe and offering great accommodation Whakahoro not only marks an overnight stop over for kayakers from Taumarunui heading through to Pipiriki but the locals also host a variety of farming and ecological activities which can be pre-booked.

The next stage of the journey leaves Whakahoro south via the Depot Rd along a farm access track the base of the Kaiwhakauku track. Once you reach Coutts Hut and begin the climb out of the valley to the Mangapurua Trig the going becomes a lot easier.

When you make the trig you have reached The Bridge to Nowhere cycleway section of the Mount to Sea which was completed in May 2010.

A quick stretch of the legs up to trig outlook is worth a visit just for a 360° view of the Whanganui National Park which is the second largest national park in the country.

Turn left at the trig and drop down into the Mangapurua Valley (approx 30km) where you will follow the Mangapurua Stream all the way along the valley floor to the Bridge to Nowhere. 20mins past the Bridge the track exits on to a landing on the Whanganui River.

Options here include:

  • Arranging a jet boat pick up through to Whanganui
  • Arranging a jet boat through to Pipiriki and pick up from there
  • Arranging a jet boat through to Pipiriki then bike out 35kms to Raetihi
  • Or ride back the way you came to the Mangapurua Trig then follow the track 5kms down to the Ruatiti Rd where you can also arrange a pick up
  • Or alternatively when you reach the Ruatiti Rd turn right and ride out 35kms back to Raetihi.

Owhango is an ideal base to stop halfway along the cycleway for some rest and relaxation. We would love to see you at the Owhango Hotel or Forest Lodge and you can take in what the area has to offer.