Hunting Trips


Based at the Owhango Hotel in the central King Country, what better place to be to go hunting.

Hunting Central North IslandWe have around us two national parks and many forests with permitted areas for hunting. We can offer you guided hunting trips through one of our many local operators or if you have the knowledge and a hunting permit we can guide you on where to go and what areas are the best.

What we can provide:

We can provide exclusive access to a 2000 acre private reserve as well as 4 state forests.

Detailed local knowledge including access points, animal numbers and type of hunting can also be provided.

All permits & permissions can be arranged for you as well as transport to and from hunting blocks. Maps can also be supplied on request.

Our services include:

  • You hunt or Guided hunts
  • Free range hunting
  • Private estate hunting
  • Wildlife photography
  • Specialised goat hunting

Deer HuntingGoat, Pig, Fallow, Sika and Red Deer hunting are the target species and Rabbit shooting is also available. Meat animals are available all year round and Trophies from March to August. Bow hunters are most welcome.

Packages tailored to suit all budgets that cater from beginner to expert can be arranged. Hunting is available all year round. Best times are spring and summer, (October - February). The 'roar' is late March, early April.

Basic Instincts Hunting & Safari Partner

The Owhango Hotel has partnered with a company called Basic Instincts Aotearoa to bring a range of Hunting & Fishing trips to the Central Plateau area.

Visit their website at for more details.

Basic Instincts Hunting Partner

Hunting in New Zealand

If you intend to hunt New Zealand at some stage, then plan plenty of time for sightseeing and bring plenty of film. There are no problems bringing a rifle in. Just tell customs when you arrive and they will have a police officer issue you a licence for a small fee. It is most advisable to bring your current firearms permit or licence with you. Firearms themselves are not registered, the owner is.

It pays to employ a guide for obvious reasons and there are a number of full time professional hunting guides available. It is wise to employ a member of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association, but many good and competent guides choose not to be involved in such a body. However, from your point of view, Association members act under a strict code of ethics and safety plans. You also have a national body to which you can refer any complaints or problems and the Professional Hunting Guides Association has a disciplinary committee with wide powers.

Guides are required to have First Aid certificates, passenger service licensed vehicles, medical checks, police vetting, proper authority to hunt on the lands on which they guide and extensive knowledge of head skinning and trophy preparation.

A hunting permit is required if you wish to hunt on conservation land. This way hunters are informed of any pest control operations happening in the area they are hunting and the Department of Conservation (DOC) can keep track of how many people are hunting in each area for safety reasons. If you are taking a hunting dog with you (dogs are not permitted in Tongariro National Park but may be taken into Kaimanawa Forest Park, Erua and Tongariro Conservation Areas) you must produce your dog registration to staff at the reception desk.