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Adventure Kayaks

Adventure KayaksBased out of the Owhango Hotel is the locally owned business called Adventure Kayak Tours who run adventure tours down the Whakapapa River in an inflatable kayak.

The boat is a cross between a kayak and a raft. It offers the maneuverability of a kayak and the stability of a raft making them virtually impossible to tip over.

They slide over and around rocks following the natural flow of the water.

Adventure Kayaks GroupTheir design makes them suitable for people with no previous experience to enjoy the river as they would in a raft, but it allows them the freedom to be in control themselves, thus giving you a great sense of achievement.

Adventure Kayaks can arrange an adventure for you:

  • Half day adventure kayak
  • 3 rivers 5 day mult-day adventure
  • Mohaka 3-4 day river expedition