Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing In The Whakapapa River

Ruapehu and the surrounding areas boast world class wilderness fishing.

Whakapapa River Trout FishingOffering angling of all types, from Trophy lake fishing (Otamangakau 20 min east of National Park Village) to the ever challenging wilderness back country head waters where you can choose between sight fishing for large trout in streams almost small enough to jump over, to targeting the evening rise on large boulder strewn rivers.

Whakapapa River is the largest tributary of the Whanganui River and one of "New Zealand's finest trout fisheries". All year round - in the upper reaches water clarity usually exceeds 15 metres.

The Whakapapa flows through native forest alternating between turbulent rapids, deep pools and long boulder runs. There are a few easy places to cross and some caution is required.

Trout FishingThe fishing in the lower reaches around Kakahi is good with fish averaging 1.5 kg.

The middle reaches around Owhango fish well and access through Owhango reserve is good. From Owhango up river there is considerable private land and it is advisable to seek access permission from the landowners or use a reputable guide who has legal access.

Other wilderness rivers include Manganui-o-te-Ao, Whanganui, Waimarino, Ongarue and Retaruke.

Licenses can be purchased from B.P. National Park Village and most sports shops and info centres.