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Owhango Hotel Events

The Owhango Hotel is becoming widely known for the events it holds, whether these are special events like the Dragon concert or regular events such as the 'Owhango ROAR' and 'Speed Shearing' held on an annual basis.

Dragon Concert - Dec 30, 2010

Dragon Concert Touted as one of the best bands across Australia and New Zealand, Dragon came to small town Owhango in December 2010 and played to a packed out audience at the Owhango Hotel.

Around 1000 fans of all ages turned out to the hotel the day before New Years Eve last December and rocked and sang to some old favourites.."Are you Old Enough?", "April Sun in Cuba"..


Speed Shearing Competition 2011

Speed Shearing CompetitionThe event is similar to a 'Golden Oldies' event and brings together a group of veteran shearers to challenge who is still the fastest in the shed.

The competition is held in the Owhango Hotel and attracts a large audience of locals who have been shearing legends in their time.


Owhango Red Stag & Wild Boar Competition

Owhango Red Stag judgingThis annual event takes place from mid March to late April culminating in a final weigh in day held at the Owhango Hotel.

With over $10,000 in prizes it is hugely popular and attracted well over 100 entries this year.


Golden Oldies Rugby Challenge 2011

Owhango Golden OldiesA strong line up of local rugby veterans from the nucleus of the Owhango Hotel Golden Oldies Rugby Team.

Playing in the traditional Owhango Green and a yellow/black edging jersey (depending on player size), the team is very competitive and pride is obviously at stake.


Deer Carrying Competition

Golden Oldies Rugby Challenge

The Hamish Harland Memorial Deer Carrying Trophy is very coveted and sought after.

It takes place on the final day of the Hunt and contestants carry a 50kg Stag around an obstacle course.

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