Coming Events

Recent Events Held at the Owhango Hotel

Owhango Hotel is becoming well known for the regular events it holds, both entertainment and traditional farming and sport challenges.

NZ Finest Rock Cover Bands

Speed Shearing

Speed ShearingThe event is similar to a 'Golden Oldies' event and brings together a group of veteran shearers to challenge who is still the fastest in the shed.

The competition is held in the Owhango Hotel and attracts a large audience of locals who have been shearing legends in their time.

Owhango Red Stag & Wild Boar Competition

Owhango Hotel ROAR eventThis annual event takes place from mid March to late April culminating in a final weigh in day held at the Owhango Hotel. With over $10,000 in prizes it is hugely popular and attracted well over 100 entries this year.

The heaviest Red Stag for 2011 was 155kg and the heaviest Boar 95.5kg. The $1000 prize for the best jaw went to a score of 19 3/8 on the Douglas System.

The childrens heaviest hare/rabbit/turkey or eel saw over 50 kids enter with all winning prizes.

Golden Oldies Rugby Challenge

Golden Oldies Rugby Challenge

A strong line up of local rugby veterans from the nucleus of the Owhango Hotel Golden Oldies Rugby Team.

Team ColoursPlaying in the traditional Owhango Green and a yellow/black edging jersey (depending on player size), the team is very competitive and pride is obviously at stake.

The local derby against the team Forresters brings out the best from both sides.

Deer Carrying Competition

Golden Oldies Rugby Challenge

The Hamish Harland Memorial Deer Carrying Trophy is very coveted and sought after.

It takes place on the final day of the Hunt and contestants carry a 50kg Stag around an obstacle course.

The children/womans deer carrying is also very popular with everyone.

Wild Food Tasting

This year was a first for our annual Wild Food Tasting event.
4 experienced chefs came from Auckland to cook up the wild food.

A very successful event and we plan to improve on this year on year.